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 Decorated Name Initials

Hello Dear Friends,

Continuing home decor series, today I will show how to make floral name initials. This is my 2nd post in this series. Click here to see the 1st post.


 As usual, I will be using common household items which are easily available in every house. For the current project, I will be using the Ariel detergent box (2.5kg). Reason being, the box is thick and hard enough for craft purpose.

So let's get started with the making of this beautiful and unique home decor.


Letters making:

Cut the detergent box to get a large rectangular sheet.

Trace name initial letters of your choice. Here, I will use the letters “V” and “A”.

After tracing the alphabets, use a sharp knife on the sheet to cut them out.

Cut 2 inches wide strips from rest of the sheets to make side walls for each alphabet cut-outs. This will give depth to your alphabet and flowers can be stuffed in nicely.

Stick these walls with tapes or hot glue tightly. (See image below )



Color these letters with white acrylic, now letters are ready to decoupage. I have used black printed decoupage napkin. (You can use any decoupage paper of your choice.)

After decoupaging distress the edges of the alphabets.

Now lets put on the floral decorations. But before that, we need to put the base for the flowers. You can use any general use foam for the filling. I am using the basic utensil scrub to make the filling.


Prick and stick flowers on foam filling and make sure that inner foam filling is not visible from outside.



Let's come to small sparkled “V”

  • This is wooden letter V, which I brought from the market.
  • Colored it with black acrylic.
  • Stick white/colorful stones on the front side of the letter.


And Tadaaa.... beautiful and colorful name initials with floral decorations are ready to decorate your beautiful home.



Thank you for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Very soon I'll bring out another beautiful item in the Home Decore Series.

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