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Decoupaged letter cutouts for Home Decor.


Hello Friends,

Indeed there has been a gap in writing this blog, but I am back with some very interesting home decor idea.

Everybody loves pizza and so do I. But for me, the pizza box is another source of creating something useful out of nothing. 

So here I am going to describe how I made a pretty simple home decor item from the pizza box and decoupage napkin.

 How to make the home decor letter cut outs


  • 2 pizza box (preferably of medium pizza :-) )
  • White acrylic color
  • Decoupage napkins (of your choice)


  • Cut out the top and bottom parts from the 2 pizza boxes to make 4 separate square box pieces
  • From each of the piece, cut out the letters "H", "O", "M", & "E" from each piece of the board (Use your favorite font)
  • Apply white acrylic color on the letter cut outs
  • Apply the decoupage napkin on the letter cut outs
  • Optionally, you may also use the glitter pen to decorate the letter cut outs



Make a small decorative heart shape to be hung in between the letter "O" cut out


  • Red and yellow felt cloth
  • Heart shape die cut (or any other shape that you like)
  • Yellow thread to sew (or any other color that you like)
  • Synthetic cotton for filling


  • Use big shot die cut machine and Craftangle heart shape die to cut the felt cloth (2 pieces)
  • Fill the synthetic cotton between the two pieces
  • Stitch the felt cloth pieces together to create heart (or whatever shape you have cut out)
  • Use a thread, sticking its one end in the middle of letter "O" cut out and other ends to the heart shape



Finally, use some dual side tapes to put the letter cut outs on the wall or any other place you like.


Products used for this project can be found at:

Big Shot Machines: 
Decoupage Napkins: 

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